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The General surgery procedures can be painful as well as stressful. The pre and post-operative care becomes the core and has a substantial impact on the patient’s outcome. Rand Medical Center provides you with the highest healthcare level in this specialty.
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We are committed to providing you stress-free surgery and enhanced recovery.

We have highly skilled and experienced specialists in general surgery in a wide range of surgical procedures. Our surgeons specialize in advanced surgical procedures such as minimally invasive orthopedic procedures, and innovative general surgeries. From a simple procedure to advanced surgery, we emphasize on helping you achieve the top health form as soon as possible. Our team of experts evaluate and work closely with you to plan and design a surgery, meeting your needs while putting you on a safe and efficient recovery path.
We will help you through every surgical process step. We have a thorough process of pre-surgical evaluation, monitoring, and post-operative care. We understand the importance of your safe and positive recovery. So, we have a collaborative surgical team that includes specialists and experienced nurses who strive to help design a comprehensive treatment and recovery program after your surgery. Our general surgeons and staff encourage you to take an active part in your whole surgical experience. Our medical staff and health personnel will ensure that the surgery is successful.
Supporting and guiding you at every stage of the surgical procedure, we will take good care of you throughout the process, and your real recovery is our responsibility. Our active pre and post general surgery services make us one of the best General surgery service providers while being accessible and affordable to everyone.

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We accept insurance and medical benefits from most PPO insurance plans.
For patients without insurance, we offer a simple and transparent fee collected at the time of service.

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General Surgeon
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