In House Blood Work

Rand Medical Center’s in-house blood testing allows our patients to have their blood work done on-site for convenience. This way, the results are faster making the management of your health more stream-lined.
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Blood Tests Can Give Your Healthcare Provider a Lot of Information.

He or she can see if certain elements in your blood are in a normal range. But in many cases, blood tests are only part of the information your healthcare provider needs to make a diagnosis of a health condition.

For Laboratory Analysis

When our doctors or other providers order a blood test for a patient, they will direct our in-house lab to look for something specific. So one patient might have blood analyzed for cholesterol levels, while another has a blood test for vitamin deficiency.
Some blood tests (like a test for sexually transmitted diseases) have a positive or negative result. In contrast, others (like cholesterol tests) provide a number for comparison to an average or “reference range.”At Rand Medical Center, we offer the following blood tests for a variety of conditions.

Types of Blood Tests

These Are Common Blood Tests:

- Complete blood count, also called a CBC.
- Blood chemistry tests.
- Blood enzyme tests.
- Blood tests for heart disease risk.

Preparing for a Blood Test

For most kinds of blood tests, you don't need to prepare. These tests are to see what your blood is like under normal conditions.
For some blood tests, you will have to not eat (fast) for a certain amount of time before the blood test. This usually means no eating or drinking anything after midnight before the test. These tests are often scheduled for early in the morning.
Your healthcare provider will let you know if you need to fast before a blood test.

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