Immediate Care

Injuries can get worse when neglected, from dull headache to severe back pain. It may also lead to severe complications. If you are injured in an accident or hurt while on the job, we are just a call away. Call Rand Medical Center for appointments and immediate management.
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Immediate Care near me?

Rand Medical Center in Arlington Heights, IL, provides you with the immediate attention needed when you have the medical condition that needs to be addressed sooner to prevent it from worsening. Such as a laceration or grave injury to be treated. We are equipped with on-site laboratories with advanced capabilities to provide you with efficient care.
Rand Medical Center’s priority is your safety. We are committed to reducing the risk of exposure for our patients and protect our staff against COVID-19 (Corona Virus). If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, such as fever, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath, or any other respiratory symptoms, we ask that you schedule a Video consultation.
Rand Medical Center’s can be your first choice for receiving timely care and treatment for minor injuries and medical conditions. Our Board-certified physicians and healthcare providers can be trusted with care for you and your family.

How are we the best solution to your Immediate Care near me?

Rand Medical Center offers you emergency medical care by well-trained nurses and physicians. We offer you access to high-quality evaluation and management. Our laboratories are fully equipped, assuring the patient’s prompt diagnosis, assessment, and treatment.
We have experts and professionals, who treat various conditions such as acute respiratory infection, allergies, fever, migraine, pink eye, dehydration, STD, skin infections, cold, cough, flu, hypertension, and diabetes. We provide you with immediate care your medical condition needs to prevent significant problems.
We strive to provide exceptional immediate care services from whatever you suffer. We also have the physicians and primary care doctors available to treat injuries and provide you with efficient pain management. Our trained physicians can effectively handle abrasions, minor burns, back pain, hand and foot injuries, orthopedic injuries, muscle sprain, joint dislocation, and open wounds.
Our physicians and medical staff understand the positive impact of immediate care on the patients’ injuries and, therefore, provide them with reliable care service. We prioritize you and provide a unique quality of medical care. Rand Medical Center is at your service for any immediate care service you need. We offer you walk-in or a scheduled appointment, including a same-day appointment facility.
If you have an illness that needs to be addressed soon before it gets worse, a minor injury, a deep cut that needs to be assessed, a fracture that needs to be managed, or has laboratory workup that needs to be done, our center offers easy access to high-quality assessment and management for adults and children.
Same-Day Appointments are available!
Walk-in, or Schedule an appointment for illness, physical and minor injury.

Emergency Medical Care

Same-Day Appointments are available, Walk-in, or Schedule an appointment for illness, physical and minor injury.
Minor Allergic Reaction
Acute Respiratory Infection
Asthma Exacerbation
Cold, Cough and Flu
Ear and Eye Infection
Ear Lavage
Pink Eye
Migraines and Headaches
Sore Throat & Strep Throat
Urinary Tract Infection
Skin Infections
Sexually Transmitted Disease
Trigger Point Injections
Pain Management
Back Pain
Minor Burns
Eye and Ear Injuries
Hand and Foot Injuries
Orthopedic Injuries
Joint Dislocations
Muscle Strain
Repair of Cuts
Lacerations & Wound Care

Our Neighborhood Walk-In Clinic:

Walk-ins welcome or book an appointment
Open 9 am to 5 pm – Mon to Fri
Accept most major insurance plans
Open extended hours
Onsite X-ray available
Initial on-the-job injury treatment and care

Awesome Doctors for Medical and Health

Doctors for Medical and Health

We have specialty physicians and clinicians right here in our Rand Medical Center
Dr. Krishna C. Chunduri
Pain Management
Dr. Darrel Saldanha
Pain Management
Ruben Bermudez PA
Physician Assistant
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