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If you have an injury or illness that might be covered by workers’ compensation, it’s essential to take the right steps when seeking medical treatment.
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Getting appropriate medical care is vital, not only for your health and recovery but also for maximizing your workers’ comp benefits and making sure that you’re appropriately compensated for your injuries.

Should You Seek Treatment?

You should seek treatment right away for any injury, even if it seems minor. Consider visiting a doctor immediately after a work-related accident or at the first sign of any symptoms that might be due to your work duties or to toxic exposure on the job. Getting prompt treatment serves two important purposes: First, early treatment makes it more likely that you’ll recover from your injuries faster. Second, the closer in time to your accident that you receive treatment, the less room it gives your employer (or its insurance company) to argue that your medical condition isn’t related to your work.
No matter what, you should resist the urge to “tough it out” or downplay the seriousness of your injuries. It can delay or impede your recovery, and it can affect the scope of treatment authorized by workers’ comps or the benefits you ultimately receive.

Should You Go for Treatment?

If you need immediate medical attention, you should go to the nearest emergency room. If it’s not an emergency, you’ll need to follow your state’s rules for medical care. Some states give you the right to choose the doctor who will treat you for your injuries (called your “treating doctor” in workers’ comp dialect), while others give that right to your employer or its insurer. Still, other states have more complicated rules for selecting a treating doctor.

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