Motor Vehicle Accidents

Even as vehicle safety continues to improve, car accident is a significant cause of physical injury and death for Americans. Nearly 10 percent of all injury-related visits to the emergency room are due to motor vehicle accidents.
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Car Accident Injuries

Signs and symptoms of car accident injuries depend on the specific injury. Common symptoms can include:
- Swelling, pain, or bruising
- Neck pain or stiff neck
- Spine symptoms include headaches or pain, numbness, or tingling in an arm, buttock, leg, or shoulder
- Back pain, which may feel in the shoulder blades, rib cage, or lower back
Type of Injury

Typical car accident injuries

In order of frequency, include:
- Sprains and strains of the neck and back
- Contusions (bruises), with the skin intact
- Spinal injuries
- Sprains and strains of body parts other than the neck and back
- Fractures to the legs, pelvis, ribs, and arms
- Open wounds

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