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Internal medicine is a medical specialty emphasizing efficacy and diagnosis, treatments and prevention of nonsurgical conditions in adults. This specialty has various subspecialties focusing on the evaluation and treatment of diseases related to multiple different internal body conditions. At Rand Medical Center, we have certified physicians in this specialty tagged as internists.
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Besides primary care, our internal medicine doctors also have a unique emphasis on adult medicine.

The core responsibility of our internal medicine doctors is primary and preventive care management for adult patients. These primary care doctors are well trained and specialized in the medical management of patients with complex health conditions. They possess wide-ranging knowledge of known diseases, which are very useful in all their courses of treatment for illnesses.
Besides providing co-operative support to the surgeons in treating and managing patients with complex internal medical conditions, our primary care doctors diagnose, evaluate, and promote preventive medicine by guiding their patients in healthy eating, smoking cessation, weight reduction, psychological evaluations, and maintaining a more robust quality of life.
Rand Medical Center is one of the most reliable primary care providers in the North West suburbs for a treatment plan and a well-versed health management facility. With a team of experts, professionals, and well-trained internal medicine doctors. We stand as the best primary care providers for various health conditions and Illnesses.
Our specialists in internal medicine understand the importance of specialized care and treatment for a speedy and efficient recovery. We have some of the best physicians, clinicians, and internal medicine doctors available at your service when you are in medical need.
Pricing & Insurance
We accept insurance and medical benefits from most PPO insurance plans.
For patients without insurance, we offer a simple and transparent fee collected at the time of service.

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